Dutch Life Science Outlook 2015: Value creation for patients, companies, and the cluster

February 2015

The Dutch life sciences cluster is compared to seven international clusters: Boston area, San Diego area, Research Triangle Park area (USA), United Kingdom, Switzerland, Medicon Valley (Sweden and Denmark) and the Munich area. To join/match the leading international outperforming clusters, improved performance of the Dutch life sciences cluster is crucial.

Recently, the amount of public investments have declined and its causes were clearly obvious. However, there are various funding possibilities that are currently un- or under-utilized because of the administrative burden and the complexity of the present funding landscape. On the other hand, it is necessary that the Dutch life sciences cluster explores governmental financial incentives to stimulate existing and new companies within the Netherlands.

The Dutch fife sciences cluster is currently in full transition. Both Dutch and international societies are pushing for clearer medical results (from the patient’s perspective) following the investments made in the sector while helping to improve the cost effectiveness of the entire health care system. The Dutch life sciences cluster is very innovative and excels in the development of new products from ideas and outstanding knowledge, ensuring a stable climate for change towards an increased patient-centered focus.

There are a few recommendations aimed at improving the Netherlands’ international position:
* Explore ways to optimize the funding and policy landscape.
* Try to increase profitability to earn back a larger part of the expensive investments.
* Investigate how cohesion could be improved and knowledge sharing increased.

Because of the pressure that is put on the life sciences clusters, this new era requires an innovative character and maybe even breakthroughs. Pricing pressure and higher (clinical) product demands requires innovation and new strategies within the cluster. The outstanding knowledge and highly innovative environment within the Netherlands ensure a stable climate for this changed, patient-centered approach.