International teaching: Monaco MBA program embraces the Dutch Flower Cluster case

April 2015

The MBA program at the International University of Monaco not only uses the Dutch Flower Cluster case in their program, but also brings to the classroom a Dutch expert in the field, Prof. Dr. van Eenennaam. The session with Prof. van Eenennaam covered the story of the development of the flower cluster in the Netherlands, and also extended to the broader topic of the challenges and opportunities to the Netherlands in terms of competitiveness in the time to come.

The International University of Monaco with its MBA program in Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management have brought up the case-study method with the use of diverse business cases worldwide, especially Harvard business cases, and the Dutch Flower Cluster case is one of them. The case focuses on bottom-up initiatives at business level in order to gain more power for local suppliers, fuel trade, as well as strengthen competitiveness of the industry in the global market. The impressively positive feedback from students studying the case has encouraged the program coordinator to invite Prof. Dr. van Eenennaam, the co-author of the case, to teach it in the program.

Prof. Dr. van Eenennaam is the expert in not only the horticulture industry in the Netherlands but also cluster and competitiveness. As the co-author of the case, he knows every detail and striking point by heart. The case itself is interesting and to learn more insight from such an expert is even more intriguing.

International teaching on competitiveness, the Dutch Flower Cluster Case, is one of the ways the Netherlands Institute for Competitiveness supports the academic activities. Various programs embrace and value the Dutch information and perspective in the field of competitiveness from insiders, given the fact that the Dutch economy has continuously scored highly in the global competitiveness ranking. The NIC also views the spread of the Dutch experiences as one of its missions.