Tools for Study

This set of tools is meant to help you to fully investigate each topic. They are prepared to provide you with not only theoretical and academic background but also practical information with relevant demonstrative highlights.

Cases are the most practical way to study certain related theories. The field of competitiveness is not an exception. Our collection of cases varies from academic to internal training case, from industry- to enterprise-size, from strategic planning to crisis management. Aside from the great number of cases in the Dutch context that are authored or co-authored by our researchers, we also provide access to diverse demonstrative cases from other parts of the world.

In this section, we introduce outstanding projects on competitiveness, particularly in our three focal topics, which are cluster, competitiveness governance, and innovation strategy. The works either analyze strategy or policy in the actual context, or investigate the adaptation and emergence from the business base. Findings from those projects provides independent angles to view and approach certain issues in the fields.

This archive is meant to act as the trustworthy academic resource for other research projects. With it, people of interest may observe trends in the academic discussion related to a theme and find a match with his/her own study. Partial and full access will be granted based on our terms of confidentiality.

This section keep you up-to-date on the latest relevant happenings in each field. You will understand more current trends occurring in both academic life and real business as well as policy influence. Information on interesting opportunities for events or programs in these topics will also be found in this section.

With this section, we aim to provide quality ideas and opinions on phenomena or issues in the fields, thus creating fruitful discussions. Blogging can serve for such purpose since it is fast and interactive. That you share your thoughts is more than welcome.