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Letter from the Chairman

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I warmly welcome you to the Netherlands Institute for Competitiveness.The Netherlands Institute for Competitiveness is what the team and I have always dreamt to bring to the world.I had a chance to meet Prof. M. E. Porter from Harvard Business School in the early years of this new century, and was immediately inspired by his work on the topics of competitiveness and cluster. Teaching in the field of strategy myself, I could see the great potential of these approaches in the global knowledge-economy. Ever since, our team started cooperating with Prof. Porter to extend the reach of competitiveness ideas to the broader world through sharing our experiences from the Netherlands. The more we  delved into the discussion and practice of the field, the more we were amazed by the applications of it in various topics and issues, and the more we want to share and make positive changes in the traditional way of business practice.Over the years, we have dedicated ourselves to work in the field of competitiveness by:


Collaborating in various researches as well as other types of projects with many well-known academic institutions, such as Harvard Business School with the Dutch Flower Cluster case, or Erasmus University Rotterdam with the project Life Sciences Cluster in Europe.


Supporting the formation and monitoring of various key clusters in the Netherlands, especially in horticulture and life sciences & health.


Receiving visitors from MBA, MHA, as well as Public Policy programs at the Dutch clusters every year.


Having over 100,000 students who have studied our cases on the Dutch clusters.

Through the years, we have witnessed a growing club of research and practice institutions for competitiveness worldwide. Our team feels the urge to connect with these experts in the field, to learn from them and share with them the current trends of competitiveness in the Netherlands. We desire and aim to strengthen and enhance our academical and practical role as the hub for and about the Netherlands in the field of competitiveness.

For the time to come, we will continue to serve as the first and ultimate resource for diverse topics in competitiveness that have been demonstrated in the Netherlands. We will continue to work on national and international studies and research projects, given our insight of Dutch clusters, Dutch policy on competitiveness, as well as other indicators in Dutch economic and business trends. In addition, with international experience in teaching, we strive to promote academic activities in the field of competitiveness worldwide, including the case-study method. Finally, through members of the Advisory Council, our Institute wishes to introduce a board of international experts in competitiveness thus creating a stronger base for academic work.

We work, we learn, we connect and we share – that’s how we commit to our mission.

The team and I are thankful for your remarks and ideas to make the Netherlands Institute for Competitiveness complete.

Yours faithfully,

Prof. Dr. Fred van Eenennaam
The Netherlands Institute for Competitiveness

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                       Prof. Dr. Fred van Eenennaam MoC network annual meeting 2012
                     and Prof. Dr. Michael E. Porter